Specialised in energy investment and power development, Decha is a one-stop shop for regional legal solutions, with the support of its network of associated firms throughout the Pan-ASEAN region and beyond
We aim at developing how legal and business challenges can be sustainably overcome and changing perception of our clients towards law and legal services. Rather than simply repeating what laws and regulations say, our methodology focuses on spirit of laws and practical outcomes.

In handling all matters, we do not only offer just one leaf, but systematically portray an entire picture of the whole forest. We pride ourselves in providing the kind of professional support which builds a unique cooperation between our team and our clients. The Decha team consists of strategic lawyers who refuse to view law as a static code of conduct, but dynamic means to prosperity.

At Decha, legal fees will be converted into client’s development and growth through innovative and reliable legal solutions. Emphasising on the said methodological development, we are enthusiastic to face new challenges and passionate to solve them. With Decha, every challenge is simply a synonym of business opportunities.

Are you ready for this development and change?
Chiridacha Phungsunthorn